WordPress Speed Optimisation

Improve search engine rankings, website usability and customer satisfaction with my WordPress Speed Optimisation service.

Is your site running slow? Or not getting the results you want when it comes to search engines? One of the most cost effective improvements to your site can come from optimising the site when it comes to speed and performance. My WordPress Speed Optimisation service can help provide you with a quicker site, tune up your site and make it perform better.

Why Rhys Wynne for a WordPress speed optimisation service?

There are a number of reasons why I suggest optimising your WordPress site for speed.

  • Spending a day or two on the site improving the speed of the site will help user experience. Amazon found every 100ms a site takes to load resulted in a 1% drop in sales. Having a fast site can help conversions.
  • Secondarily, Google takes into account site speed as a ranking factor. If you have a fast site it can perform better in search engines, making you appear higher for your chosen keywords.
  • Furthermore, Google are starting taking into account slow sites so users who visit your site could see warnings.
  • Finally – there are some studies that suggest having a fast, efficient site is eco-friendly. Having a fast site can help save the planet!

I’ve been a WordPress developer for over 10 years, and been carrying out speed improvements for half of that time as specialised projects. I’ve proven commercial experience in seeing the results of having a fast site will have on your business. Furthermore, I’m based in Manchester, UK and you will be dealing directly with me. I can also easily service clients in the North Wales area.

My process

The process for my WordPress speed improvements work is the following:-

  1. The project will begin with me carrying out a speed audit of the site.
  2. At a convenient time to you, I’ll make changes to the site. These changes will be “under the hood” without changing the look or functionality of the site.
  3. After the work is complete, I will carry out a new speed audit with the improvements.
  4. Recommendations will then be made for further speed improvements, which would be outside the scope of the project (so for example, if you are hosted on a poor server, I’d make recommendations for a better server).
  5. After the project is complete and you’ve had time to read the results, we can then discuss further improvements based on 4. As this is a separate project, this step will be completely optional.
Paul David

Rhys booked me in to make a few changes to my website. He went through each one in detail on completion, sending my links and screenshots of
the work he had done.

He also made some speed improvements to my website that reduced the loading time by 40%. Everything I asked him to do, he did, to a very high standard and someone I would highly recommend.

– Paul David, Owner, anxietynomore.co.uk

Examples of WordPress site speed improvements

Here’s some real world commercial examples of sites.

Site 1: WooCommerce Homeware Retailer

This project was a homeware bathroom retailer that had although the theme was well built, there was a number of simple optimisation techniques that were needed. By converting the images on the site to a modern standard, I reduced the page size by 84%. On top of that simple minification improvements saw the number of requests reduced, improving the Google pagespeed score on Mobile from 10 to 90.


Site 2: Cosmetic Surgeon

Working with a US based cosmetic surgeon, I worked on a site that had a great base, but was in an overly competitive niche so any marginal gains would be welcomed. Upon reviewing the site there was a large amount of CSS files loaded on every page. Doing some work on loading CSS wherever needed, as well as switching to WordPress’ recommended way of loading CSS, we reduced the page sizes and improved pagespeed scores significantly.


Site 3: WooCommerce Store With Bloat

Another one of my strongest results was working with a WooCommerce installation that was well built, but over time the busy site owner had not been able to maintain its high standards. I was brought in to clean up the site, such as removing duplicate images loading from different URLs, as well as optimise said uploaded images. I also made recommendations going forward on how they can improve further by reviewing what is on their site. I also put systems in place meaning that images would be automatically resized based on where they were being placed, saving the owner’s time.

This saw an immediate 1.5 second improvement in page speed loading times, and it saw an uptick of orders on the website.


Enquire Now

WordPress speed optimisation packages start at £900. If your WordPress site is running slow, and interested in getting an overview of what can be done on your site, send me a no-obligation message below.