WordPress Maintenance Packages

Take the hassle of maintaining, securing & managing WordPress, leaving you to concentrate on your business, from a UK based WordPress specialist.

Do you log into your WordPress site with a sense of dread? See big scary red numbers and a bunch of warnings that you cannot understand? WordPress – like a car or any tool – needs to be maintained to make sure it’s running efficiently. Running out of date WordPress and plugins could leave your site open to hacking, which could affect your rankings in Google, or worse. If you have a WordPress site, then you need WordPress maintenance.

Did You Know??

Around 90% of the vulnerabilities from WordPress stem from out of date plugins.

You’re a busy business owner, and so you don’t have time to manage your website. Why not leave it to me instead? My WordPress Maintenance Packages will help keep your website secure, optimised, and free from spam. The work is carried out weekly and discreetly and leaves you focussed on running your business.

Why get your WordPress Maintenance package from me?

  • I’ve done this for years. I’ve worked at agencies where WordPress Maintenance was key, and I bring that knowledge to you.
  • It’s me. Unlike a number of other services, you do not speak to a salesperson and then the work is done by somebody else. You will have my email address to ask me questions, and not go through a support service. I’m happy to jump on a call as well. All updates will be done from my office based in Merseyside, in the UK.
  • I test all updates. Do you have a shop on your site? An important landing page? Or a contact form that brings in 90% of leads? I will make sure during a discovery phase that these pages are maintained and managed at a higher level.
  • “Can you just = yes I can!” – with higher level packages, you get some of my time every month. This means if you have small changes to do, I can do them. Furthermore, you will get discount to my hourly rate for things that are bigger.

Maintenance Package Comparison

BasicE-commerceHalf DayFull Day
WordPress updated
I will update WordPress within one week for major releases, and within one day for security releases and test your key pages.
Plugins updated
I will update plugins within one week for general releases, and within one business day for security releases and test your key pages.
Themes updated
If you have a child theme setup, I’ll update your theme within one week. If you don’t know what a child theme is, then I will check & advise you on the next steps.
Database optimised
I will run once a week optimisation processes to make sure that your database is organised and efficient.
Spam cleaned
I will run clean out spam from your comments once a week.
Post revisions cleaned
I will clean up post revisions from your site once a week, should you wish to do so.
Notification of downtime
Should you experience downtime, I’ll email you (usually before you are aware of the downtime) to try and work out what the problem is & give advice on how to fix it.
Site performance monitored
I will run once a week a performance report, to make sure your site is running fast.
Security monitored
I will maintain a security scanner on the site, checking the site against known vulnerabilities and also to make sure your site is secure and nothing has appeared to have been compromised. By catching this early, this could be the difference between your site being hacked or not.
Ecommerce support
Once a week I will test your ecommerce solutions, up until the moment payment is taken, making sure that people can still buy from you!
Daily backups
I will maintain daily backups of your site, offsite, on a separate EU based server, so if you do need to roll back, we can.
SEO keyword tracking
I can work with your SEO team to track up to 100 keywords within Google on your behalf.
Pages tested
Once a week after completing all updates I’ll run a visual check on pages on Google Chrome to make sure everything looks as intended.
Hours/month development time
The number of hours you receive of my time per month for bug fixing, small changes, consultancy or training.
Discount on Additional Hours*
Should you wish to get more hours on a monthly basis, this is your discounted amount you get off my hourly rate (up to 8 hours/month)
Weekly email updates
You will receive a weekly update based on the work done.
Price£60 p/m£75 p/m£250 p/m£500

WordPress Maintenance – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a setup fee for this?

There is no setup fee.

I run an agency, can you work with me?

Yes! A number of my clients have a combination of packages that are bespoke. A common solution is having all clients on a minimum package, and then a bank of days to be used for all clients.

Discounts are available for a number of websites, and I’d be happy to discuss.

What is the minimum commitment to a WordPress maintenance package?

A minimum commitment is 3 months.

Do hours roll over from one month to the next?

Should you not use your hours then up to 50% of the remaining time rolls over to the following month.

How do you structure my hours?

On a monthly basis I agree with the client 75% of the hours to be done on a day in the month, or spread over a couple of days. The remaining 25% is done in the last few days of the month, or is used for urgent requests that crop up over the course of the month.

I tend to be flexible, so will be happy to discuss this on discovery calls.

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