Dwi’n Rhys supporting Earlestown Cricket Club for the 2024 Season

For the 2024 season, I’ll be supporting the cricket team I play for – Earlestown Cricket Club, more than just as a player but as a sponsorship secretary as well. I got into playing village cricket post lockdown and the impact to my mental and physical health has been incredible, so if my business could have supported the club, I’d be happy to.

Earlestown Cricket Club is a 140+ year old cricket club based in the Earlestown area of Merseyside and play in the Southport & District League. There’s two Saturday teams and two midweek teams, and they also have a development path for youngsters with the ECB backed All Stars and Dynamos cricket team.

Short Case Study – Brand New Website

The club desperately needed a website, as they were keen to pursue new sponsorship opportunities with a few new ideas. Building using a solid base (Kadence), building a simple theme that took advantage of WordPress’ Appearance Editor, it allowed me to build a theme relatively quickly. I was given free reign to build what I could, as there wasn’t much in terms of branding, beyond a few colours. These have been applied throughout the site.

I did start using the full page editor, but as speed was of the essence, I just couldn’t quite do what I wanted to do quickly and easily – eventually backing out when it wouldn’t behave the way I wanted it to. I feel there is potential there, and I probably would eventually transition to using it for websites. For projects like these the toolbox I currently have is more than sufficient. I will continue to learn the full site editor. My one potential qualm with Kadence that it is a product in a library owned by a large group of folks. It’s still being supported but between the Full Site Editor and Kadence I suspect the FSE has a longer shelf life.

Sponsoring Matches

As well as building and maintaining the website, I’m also sponsoring 4 matches this season. This is the second team I’m sponsoring, as well as Colwyn Bay FC. If you are a business who works in Earlestown, Newton-le-Willows & the wider St Helens area, and have a WordPress website (or even if you don’t), check out some of the WordPress services I offer, or alternatively drop me an email and I’ll be happy to chat!

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