Preload LCP Image 1.1 Launched

Today sees the release of version 1.1 of my “Preload LCP Image” WordPress Plugin!

This introduces a feature requested by a user, who uses a theme which uses a different image for mobile and desktop versions. Obviously no point preloading the desktop image on mobile!

Now there’s a separate box, which you can use to specify the desktop and the mobile box, should you wish to do so.

I’d recommend doing this only if the URL is significantly different. To use some WordPress terminology – if the ID’s of the images are different. The plugin already uses a source set of images whenever it can to make sure the best image is being preloaded. However, if you use a different image (such as a green background for mobile and a red background for desktop), then you can set this.

It’s not going to harm you if you set the mobile and desktop image the same, but it’s a waste of time. If the mobile image is present, the desktop image is used.

You can download the latest version at the link below.

Stuck? Drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

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